Manasquan United Methodist Church
Monday, June 17, 2019
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Safe Sanctuary

  • We are a Safe Sanctuary!
    Welcoming children and youth to Manasquan UMC has always been a priority from Sunday School to youth programs and integration into the whole of church life together. There are youth in the choirs, serving on an ushering team, as liturgists, as committee members and always ready to help with missions. We know that youth and children are not only part of the future of the church, but they must also be a visible part of the present, the here and now, of the church. And so, we love a wiggly church – one that is full of children and youth worshipping, learning and teaching the stories of our faith.
    That is why we are a ‘Safe Sanctuary’ church for these youngest of believers. That means we have implemented a conference-mandated policy of Child Abuse Prevention or ‘Safe Sanctuary.’ One of the key elements of the policy is that every program must be led by two unrelated adults over 18 years old, therefore we will be asking you to volunteer to help with Sunday School, KFC, Junior Youth and TGIF.
    All volunteers who work with children  must have a background check done either by applying online at the website or by supplying a copy of a work-related background check on file. We will have a brief presentation on Rally Day if there are any questions! So be ready to jump in --- come to breakfast on Rally Day, sit in on the session, and welcome children and youth to Manasquan UMC ~ a ‘Safe Sanctuary!’